Phones are getting smaller while people are getting older. So it makes sense to know what to do about the font size right? Here are a few tips how to change font size on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch .

But before we delve deep into that matter, let me start you off with an important disclaimer. Do not laugh at what I am about to say ok? Many of you might just thank me later for this life tip.

If you cannot view the writing on your iPhone or your iPod Touch because you think the font size is too small, and you do not have spectacles, please visit your doctor. Yes, this might just be because you are getting older, and losing your awesome teen laser vision. So, yeah, do not panic. Just go get those glasses. If you cannot see the font on your iPad, the situation is even more serious. You need a consultation not just my tips gonna work here.

After you have done that, you can increase the font size on your phone.

Also to be noted here is the fact [and teenagers, listen up here please] that, even though you may be able to see fine and be okay with your phone having the smallest font size on its display, that might not be the best idea for your eyes in the long run. So if you want to save having four eyes instead of two later [Yes, I mean glasses and not an alien invasion], you might want to at least upgrade to a font size that is a bit larger.

Now that I have successfully dumped my wise words onto you, let us move on to the actual business of how to change the text size on your device – whether it is an iPhone, an iPad, or even an iPod Touch!
Follow the steps described below. They are pretty simple. So do not get too worried. You shall get through this in one piece. I can assure you!

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Step 1: What is your number?

Now, it is important to remember that Apple products such as iPhone, the iPad, or even the iPod touch, run on different OS [i.e., and operating system]. So figure out which OS your device runs on first.
For the devices that run anything up till OS 6, the steps may be a tad different than that which the users of iPhone, iPads, and iPod Touches, which work on an OS 7 or above, have to follow. So please be sure which operating system your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch works on.

Step 2: Open it up!
open it up

 For users of iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches, that work on any version of iOS, this step is universally the same! Shocker huh?

Anyway, let’s ditch the theatric shall we? Time is running out. Just switch on your Apple device. Thanks.

Step 3: Go Home.

Again, this is a universally similar step. Go to the “Home Screen” on your device.

Step 4: Get Set.

You will find a “Settings” button on your “Home Screen”. Click this “Settings” button.

[And yes people, this is also universally similar for all the versions of iOS. Don’t be such an elitist. Anyway, moving on…]

Step 5: Time to meet the General.

Every device usually has two types of settings – General Settings and Advanced Settings. And, the text which is one of the most common features on any device has the text setting put in the General category.

So, you know what to do. Tap “General” as an option after clicking on “Settings”.

Step 6: Visit Accessibility.

You are now required to tap the option which says “Accessibility” on it.

Do so.

Now, here is where the differences begin:

Users of devices that run on a version of iOS up till iOS 6 follow these instructions: [others, scroll further down]

Step 7: Make the change.

Now, you will be provided with options for the size of your text. Choose the “Large Text” option.

Step 8: Size matters.

Here, you can actually choose how large you want your “Large Text” to be.

Choose wisely.

Step 9: Enjoy!

That’s it. You have successfully changed the size of text on your Apple device. Congratulations. Good job!

 But, don’t worry people. This article is not over yet.

Users of iOS 7 and beyond do not fret. I have not forgotten you. The steps below are especially for your benefit!

Step 6: Larger Type.

Larger Type.

After you have clicked “Accessibility” under “General” under “Settings”, you will be provided with an option that says “Larger Type”. Click this option.


 Step 7: Let’s slide!

accessibility larger type

Under the “Larger Type” option is “Larger Dynamic Type” option. This means you can customize the size of your text. Gently slide your finger across the screen to choose the size that you want your text to be. Cool right?

Step 8: Have fun!

There you go. You have finally changed the size of your text. Enjoy!