If you’re using iTunes in Apple device there will some issues which are more compatibility or common. Usually some songs are protected by DRM. And it cannot be played in other devices other than iOS devices that you can able to play in other devices by removing DRM. For removing this files you should want learn the simple or basic methods. And here I wish to share some of the easy steps to Check If Songs are DRM protected on iTunes.


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Step 1:

Open your iTunes in your Android device.

Step 2:

In the open window at upper right portion in the My Music view select the view menu.

Step 3:

In the drop down menu select the Show Columns.

Step 4:

Select the File and then Kind.

Step 5:

All the songs have something in this column named View,  And this view shows a protected AAC Audio file that which music files are protected with DRM here you can view it, you cannot play the particular songs which are not made by Apple. Suppose if it shows MPEG audio file, Purchased AAC Audio File then your files are not affected by DRM and it is saved and you can be play the songs in other devices.